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About Us

Free WiFi, Big Screen T.Vs & Granite Folding Tables, Fully Attended, Wash, Dry, Fold Services Available

It may not be quite as comfortable as staying home, but our facility offers an updated laundry experience including WiFi, big screen televisions, granite folding tables, and a comfy waiting area. See how busy our store is right now with our live feed!

Drop off your dirty laundry with one of our wonderful attendants and come back 48 hours later to clean clothes! Small items are measured by the pound, and larger items are listed below.


48-hour Wash, Dry & Fold


Comforter - Queen & Up


Comforter - Twin & Full


Sleeping Bag



carpet (1)



Throw Blanket


Mattress Cover


Dog Bed - Large


Dog Bed - Small


Extra Large Items - Cushions

Why Choose Us?

Bet you've never seen a laundromat like this before!
Professional Staff

Our store is always staffed with an attendant that can help answer questions or help if a problem occurs with any of the machines.

Wash, Dry, Fold Service

Whether you've got military uniforms that need extra care or just don't have time to wash your own laundry, let us help with our fast and convenient wash and fold services!

Top of the Line Machines

Our Electrolux washers and dryers are some of the most energy-efficient machines in the world! Discover the innovative features and custom wash programs designed to save you time and money — while giving you the very best cleaning results. Our reversing Electrolux dryers will get your clothes dried fast and evenly — you'll avoid tangled linens too! 

Our Testimonials

Daniel Read IV
Daniel Read IV

PUR Laundry is worth the drive. This place is literally the best laundromat that I have ever seen in all of my business travel, which has been vast. They provide easy free parking and they are right on the main road. The team members at their front desk were nice and communicate well. Everything is automated using their PUR card system but you can load it with cash or card. They have PUR card private access bathrooms that are clean, roomy, and well ventilated.

Sarah Christensen
Sarah Christensen

It's such a nice laundromat, I drive over from Tacoma to wash large items. It's always clean, staff are friendly and helpful, and there are lots of machines. A little pricey but worth it. Highly recommended!

Andrew Reed
Andrew Reed

Super clean! Friendly staff who is quick to provide help when necessary. This place does get busy at times but for good reason. 100% the most pleasant laundry facility in Bremerton, to date.

Jinny Lieberman
Jinny Lieberman

Crystal was awesome. Knowledgeable and very helpful. She knew I needed help and proceeded to come over without me asking and helped me. If you come here go say hello to crystal. Best laundromat!

Jodie Duffield
Jodie Duffield

I haven’t been in a laundry mat in years and was a little nervous remembering how it used to be.
This was a pleasant surprise!
The Lady working, Amber, was so friendly and knowledgeable. She knew just what needed to be done to save my comforter.
Not only was she outstanding with her customer service; she was very efficient keeping everything I highly recommend this place.

Big time kudos to Amber!
You’re much appreciated!

Veronica G.
Veronica G.

This laundromat is so nice! We go every month or so. It is super efficient to use their large machines and dryers to wash several loads at once. We can seriously finish about 10 loads in an hour (not counting folding the clothes). I haven't compared their prices to other places but if you go during their special times you can get really good discounts. And it's also a really nice place to hang out while you're waiting.

alisha grezlik
alisha grezlik

Clean and busy. Well put together. Pricey but good machines and ease of use, not having to use quarters!!

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